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How to sponsor a job on Indeed Sponsored Listings via Jobsoid
How to sponsor a job on Indeed Sponsored Listings via Jobsoid

Learn how to sponsor your job on Indeed Sponsored Listing with the help of Jobsoid.

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Jobsoid allows you to sponsor your job openings on Indeed directly via your account. You do not have to log in to your Indeed account and can sponsor your jobs in just a few clicks. 

To sponsor a job,

1. Click on the desired job opening on the Job List page. This will take you to the job details page

2. Go to Advertise tabs on Job Details page and scroll to the Premium Job Boards section. You will see a list of premium job boards connected with Jobsoid

3. Go to Indeed and click on Sponsor button

4. On the Sponsor Job Page, you will be required to choose a campaign budget and confirm your contact details

5. Select the budget for your campaign from among the available options. You may also enter a custom budget according to your requirements

6. To enter a custom budget, click on Enter custom budget and enter the desired budget in the provided text box

7. Now, click on Sponsor job on Indeed now button

8. Confirm your contact details and click on Submit button

9. The paid campaign on your sponsored listing will be initiated

If you haven't set up your billing details, you will be required to visit the billing section of your Indeed account and complete the same. If you do not have an Indeed account, Indeed will automatically create one and share the necessary details with you.

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